Integracja rozwiązań dla instalacji telekomunikacyjnych i operatorów kablowych


SWK-9216 MultiBAS - channel amplifier with 9/16 multiswitch

SWK-9216 - channel amplifier with 9/16 multiswitch
  • the integration of channel amplifier and multiswitch for two satellite positions – in one,
  • three UHF inputs sharing eight tunable channel units with width of 8-48MHz,
  • the possibility to supply UHF preamplifiers with voltage of 12V/24V,
  • LED signalization of the work status of the preamplifier,
  • the newest protections against short circuits on the UHF and SAT,
  • the newest protection against overload on the UHF and SAT inputs,
  • external programmer,
  • possibility of remote control via the Internet.
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