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SW-9108 MultiBAS

SW-9108 MultiBAS

SW-9108 is a solution that integrates the channel amplifier and legacy multiswitch in one housing. This allows to optimize installation costs and reduces the space requirement in the RTV-SAT distribution box. The device is dedicated to RTV-SAT installations in single-family houses.

SW-9108 is fully compatible with DVB-S2 / S2X and DVB-T / T2 standards. The device can provide a signal for eight single-head satellite receivers or four SAT PVR receivers, and DVB-T / T2 signal for terrestrial receivers.
The product allows to independently adjust the levels of the received RTV bandwidth signals (UHF, VHF, FM). DVB-T / T2 signal prepared in this way is added to the satellite signal using the built-in 5/8 multiswitch. At the output of the device, we get eight complete RTV-SAT signals, ready for distribution in a star topology installation. In RTV-SAT installation with SW-9108 (as in all multiswitch installations), the use of RTV-SAT end sockets is required.
SW-9108 can provide 12V to its inputs (switched on/off from the device's panel) in case of necessity to use preamplifiers in UHF terrestrial antennas.
Both Quatro and Quad LNBs can be used to connect the satellite signal.

SW-9108 will be the perfect solution for most professional installations in single-family homes. The output signal can be passively distributed even over very long distances. Thanks to the pass-through connectors, it is possible to connect the signal for another 5 / x type multiswitch (we recommend the TT 5/8 or 5/16 PREMU series).
The use of passive antennas of the TurboT 20, 30, V, V3, ASR or DiGiT series for receiving terrestrial signals is recommended.
For professional installations based on ProfiSETT projects the SW-9108 amplifier is the recommended product. The ProfiSETT product line is a quality guarantee for SMATV installations.
We recommend using multi-range channel amplifiers, WWK Alpha + type in the event of a significant difference in the levels of received signals.



  • UHF, VHF, FM bandwidth amplifier integrated with multiswitch,
  • dual UHF input for installations requiring signal reception from different directions,
  • UHF - 25dB, VHF - 15dB, FM - 10 dB gain,
  • Quad or Quatro LNB can be connected,
  • 5G Protected technology,
  • smooth gain adjustment for all TERR inputs,
  • pass-through connectors for connecting an additional multiswitch,
  • power supply of active VHF and UHF antennas - 12V/50mA,
  • high isolation between inputs,
  • professional F connectors,
  • high level of shielding,
  • ProfiSeTT line product.


 SW-9108 datasheet [278.17 kB]
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