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SWK-9216 MultiBAS - channel amplifier with 9/16 multiswitch

SWK-9216 - channel amplifier with 9/16 multiswitch
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Innovative, ground-breaking structure designed for constructing collective installations in multi-family buildings. The device integrates cascading multiswitch 9/16 (two satellite positions, sixteen outputs) and the new generation WWK-982 amplifier.

The built-in multiswitch has built-in slopes (signals with higher frequency have higher levels in comparison to signals with lower frequency). This property leads to levelling of signal levels in subscriber’s socket because the characteristic of the concentric cable is opposite to the multiswitch characteristic (signals with higher frequency are muffled to a larger extent in comparison to the signals with lower frequency).

SWK-9216 subscriber’s outlets with lower numbering have higher levels in relation to the outlets with higher numbering. Therefore the connection of sockets can be planned so that the more distant sockets would be connected to ports with lower numbers and those less distant to ports marked with higher numbers. In this way levelling of signal levels in all sockets of the installation is obtained.

The levels of input signals of the satellite part may be tuned. It is useful in case of small distances of SWK to antenna mast. There is a number of the newest achievements of TELKOM-TELMOR in the part responsible for ground signals. Every signal input has a built-in protection against overvoltage and overload. Each channel unit may be tuned and it is possible to change its width within the range 8-48MHz.

SWK-9216 is controlled by an external programmer URC-100 through a USB cable.



  • the integration of channel amplifier and multiswitch for two satellite positions – in one,
  • three UHF inputs sharing eight tunable channel units with width of 8-48MHz,
  • the possibility to supply UHF preamplifiers with voltage of 12V/24V,
  • LED signalization of the work status of the preamplifier,
  • the newest protections against short circuits on the UHF and SAT,
  • the newest protection against overload on the UHF and SAT inputs,
  • external programmer,
  • possibility of remote control via the Internet.


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