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Multiband amplifiers

WWK Alpha+ Digital channel amplifier

WWK Alpha+ Digital channel amplifier

WWK ALPHA+ is a new generation, digital selective amplifier. Designed and produced by TELKOM-TELMOR based on the brand new technologies.

  • Digital signal processing
  • FM, VHF/UHF 1-4 inputs
  • 32 channel filters
  • High filter selectivity ->35dB
  • Max output level -118dBμV
  • UHF and VHF filtering
  • New generation filters LTE/5G
  • Automatic and manual preamplifier adjustment
  • Active antennas power supply (12V DC)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Minimum input level from 40dBμV
  • Auto output power equalization
  • Adjustable cable power loss correction
  • Low power consumption <20W
  • Large VFD display - 2x16 characters
  • Control buttons on the amplifier's pane
  • Individual adjustment of output levels
  • Power input signals measurement
  • Built-in European channel plan
  • Input band auto scan function
  • Built-in overvoltage and short circuit protection
  • DAB mode (VHF bandwidth) with level adjustment
  • AUX port for connecting a modulator or a headend
  • Test point -30dB will allow you to connect all kinds of signal meter and will also be an ideal signal source for optical installations.



WWK 951+ Multiband Channel Amplifier

WWK 951+ Multiband Channel Amplifier
  • Maximum output level - 112dBμV (1 mux) / 108dBμV (6 muxes),
  • dedicated UHF1/UHF2/VHF/FM inputs,
  • 32 digital channel filters with high selectivity and wide AGC range,
  • Electronic control via URC-100 programmer,
  • 5G protected technology,
  • compact dimensions,
  • Low power consumption <11W

WSS Delta

WSS Delta
  • UHF, VHF, FM bandwidth amplifier,
  • Dual UHF input for installations requiring signal reception from different directions,
  • UHF - 35dB, VHF - 25dB, FM - 20 dB gain,
  • 5G Protected technology,
  • smooth gain adjustment for all inputs,
  • power supply of active VHF and UHF antennas - 12V or 24V,
  • high isolation between inputs,
  • gain adjustment and output equalization control,
  • professional F connectors,
  • high level of shielding,
  • ProfiSETT line product.


  • Designed to amplify digital terrestrial TV signals DVB-T / T2,
  • Recommended for the collective RTV installations and collective antenna systems in multi-family housing (SMATV),
  • Allows to bypass build-in preamplifiers for high level signals
  • Selective amplification of signals from 6 UHF clusters and one VHF (automatic trap in the DAB path set on the currently selected VHF-DVB-T channel),
  • Built-in overvoltage and short circuit protection,
  • Power supply (none or 12VDC ) for antenna preamplifiers on VHF and on UHF inputs
  • 5G / LTE700 filters installed on UHF inputs,
  • Programming and adjustment with URC-100

WWK-9103 - programmable multiband amplifier

WWK-9103 - programmable multiband amplifier
  • adapted to receive the signals of digital terrestrial television DVB-T,
  • designed for RTV collective antenna installations MATV and SMATV systems,
  • 3 UHF inputs,
  • selective amplification of up to 10 UHF signals. Each of these filters can have 1…6 channels (8…48MHz) bandwidth,
  • build-in over voltage protection, and short circuit protection,
  • LTE800 filters at UHF inputs,
  • LTE700 filtering optional.
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