Integracja rozwiązań dla instalacji telekomunikacyjnych i operatorów kablowych

Mast amplifiers

WK-410 - tunable mast-mounted amplifier

WK-410  przestrajany wzmacniacz masztowy DVB-T
  • designed for antenna systems used to receive the DVB-T digital terrestrial television signals
  • two UHF inputs, one VHF and one UKF (FM) inputs SAW filter on the UHF1 input to eliminate
  • the disturbance from mobile internet (LTE)
  • the gain in each of the four bands is controlled by means of potentiometers
  • can be installed outdoors, on the antenna mast (thanks to splash-proof housing)

RTV/SAT mast amplifiers

  • high output level,
  • RTV / RTV+SAT versions,
  • coaxial cable powering,
  • amplifiers with built in LTE filter – AM 303L / AM 311L,
  • splash-proof ABS housing included,
  • easy installation – cable tie.
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