Integracja rozwiązań dla instalacji telekomunikacyjnych i operatorów kablowych

Broadband ASR antennas

asr classic - broadband DVB-T antenna

asr classic
  • suitable for reception of DVB-T digital terrestrial signals,
  • it has a very high energy gain and a built-in ultra low noise pre-amplifier,
  • well designed and resistant,
  • the pre-amplifier is powered with direct current voltage ranging from +5 to +24V.

asr IQ - smart TV broadband antenna

asr IQ - szerokopasmowa, inteligentna antena DVB-T
  • optimized for reception of many digital TV signals (DVB-T)
  • Full HD
  • built-in smart preamplifier continuously analyses received signals
  • wide range of received TV frequencies
  • wide supply voltage range 5-12V
  • low noise ratio – only 2dB!
  • good resistance to weather and wind
  • modern, lightweight and stable design
  • very easy installation and connection

asr classic LTE PROTECTED

asr classic LTE PROTECTED
  • adapted to receive the signals of digital terrestrial television DVB-T,
  • includes band stop filter (SAW) 791-862MHz,
  • has very large antenna power gain, and built -in ultra-low-noise preamplifier,
  • aesthetic and resistant structure,
  • powering the preamplifier with a direct current in the range of 5…24V (in a set with a 12V power pack with a power supply branching filter ZZA-7).


  • adapted to receiving digital terrestrial TV DVB-T signals
  • built-in 470-790 MHz band-pass filter
  • large power gain, and built-in ultra-low noise preamplifier
  • esthetic and robust design
  • powering the preamp with 5…12V direct current (12V power supply with the ZZA-7 branching filter is included)
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