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ZWR-400 bandwidth combiner antenna

ZWR-400 is a bandwidth combiner antenna with four inputs: FM, VHF, UHF1 and UHF2 and one output. The device is used to sum signals from VHF and UHF TV antennas and a radio antenna. Bandwidth FM: 87,5-108MHz, VHF: 174-240MHz, UHF1 and 2: 470-694MHz.

ZWR-400 transfers the supply voltage from the input to the VHF and UHF outputs, to power the antenna preamplifiers. In the case of active antennas, the power will be automatically transferred to the appropriate inputs. After connecting a passive antenna, the transfer of voltage will be blocked for the port to which it is connected.

The antenna combiner can be mounted on the antenna mast using a special, splash-proof ABS housing. The antenna combiner is a professional solution with built-in SAW filter technology. As a result, GSM / LTE and 5G signals will not ingress into the installation.

The use of filters on the UHF inputs allows to apply of passive antennas operating in a wider range of UHF frequency. There is no need for additional filters or antenna combiner.
The UHF2 port (with a higher pass-through attenuation) is dedicated to an antenna that receives stronger signals (lighting, a transmitter with a higher power). For such a home installation, we can control signals of different power without additional attenuators or selectively tuned amplifiers.

The solution is dedicated to applications of SMATV for single-family houses. For a more extensive installation, we recommend the use of WWK series multiband, channel amplifiers.


Product features:

  • bandwidth and operating frequency: FM: 87,5-108MHz, VHF: 174-240MHz, UHF: 470-694MHz,
  • independent supply voltage transfer for VHF, UHF1, UHF2 antenna inputs with auto-detection,
  • compact and practical housing,
  • a band for mounting on the antenna mast is included,
  • professional antenna combiner of Polish production.


 ZWR-400 datasheet [171.64 kB]
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