Integracja rozwiązań dla instalacji telekomunikacyjnych i operatorów kablowych

Satellite dishes, brackets

A satellite dish (SAT antenna) is a basic element of every television reception installation. It allows you to receive TV programs in HD quality without interference, regardless of weather conditions. The multitude of TV channels available from Astra and HotBird satellites and from paid broadcasters means that a satellite dish has become almost mandatory equipment in our homes and in multi-family and commercial buildings. In the case of large multiswitch installations, remember that the amplifier cascades used in them introduce additional noise into the signal. To ensure that you receive a good quality signal at the subscriber's socket, you must ensure that the SAT antenna is large enough - this will ensure a large signal-to-noise ratio when receiving the signal.

SAT antennas in the TELMOR offer
Our offer includes large SAT antennas for collective installations (satellite dish 120 cm), as well as dishes with a smaller diameter, dedicated to individual installations in single-family houses (satellite dish 80 cm and 90 cm). Taking care of your needs, we also provide SAT antennas with an exceptionally durable and stable mounting system. Appropriate accessories for mounting the antenna will allow you to mount the device stably and safely in any place.



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