Integracja rozwiązań dla instalacji telekomunikacyjnych i operatorów kablowych

RTV cables

Telecommunications cables are the basic medium for data, image and sound transmission. Using them, this information is transmitted to individual nodes and sockets.
In SMATV installations, we use RTV cables: fiber optic and coaxial (coaxial) as well as twisted pair cables (UTP/FTP).
RTV cables are a very important element of every RTV/SAT installation. Even the best receiving antenna will not fulfill its purpose if the installation is based on low-quality cable. RTV cables are made of several elements that determine their properties and quality.


Coaxial cables
Trishield 75 Ohm Indoor Cables With Copper, Copper Plated Or Steel Core, Cu Outdoor Cables
Fiber optic cables
High-class fiber optic cables with G.657A2 fibers
UTP FTP LAN cables
LAN UTP F/UTP category 5e or 6 cables for use in IT networks
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