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TT-113 Cu TRISHIELD 75 Ohm - RG6 coax cable

TT-113 Cu TRISHIELD 75 Ohm - coax cable, roll

Excellent quality 75Ohm coaxial cable. The cable is made on the basis of a copper core with a diameter of 1.13 mm, which reduces the attenuation of the cable

The TT-113 family of cables is made with high precision, which allowed to obtain very good values of the most important parameter, which is return loss (for frequencies less than 1000MHz, is not less than 22dB).

Due to the very good shielding, the TT-113 cable family is designed for building with very large collective installations, including multiswitch installations, where parallel cable laying is used. It is therefore very important to minimize crosstalk between the individual lines. TT-113 has a very dense braid (77% coverage), belongs to the "A" class, which makes the TT-113 cable family meet the above-mentioned conditions.


Main parameters

  • Copper core 1,13mm diameter
  • Physical foamed PE
  • TRI-SHIELD (Al foil, Al braid, Al foil)
  • High density braid (77% cover)
  • A class screening
  • High quality control
  • CPR complaint
  • Eca class

Cable preparation video

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