Integracja rozwiązań dla instalacji telekomunikacyjnych i operatorów kablowych

RF Management HFC

RF Management HFC

RF Management is a specially designed set of modules to manage the RF signal distribution at the headend. It includes a chassis and the family of exchangeable modules - RF splitters and combiners. The management system supports key services in HFC networks, significantly simplifying both the construction of these networks and the control over them.
The integrated system can combine up to 10 modules in any configuration, providing easy access to each splitter or combiner. There are two-, four- and eight-way bi-directional modules available, each characterized by excellent electrical parameters. The four-way module is available as double, the two-way as triple.
The design of the RF Management ensures easy installation in a 19 '' rack and allows cable operators to save time and space during the network configuration.



  • DOCSIS 3.1,
  • optimized RF performance,
  • in 3RU chassis
  • modular design,
  • 5-1218 MHz operation
  • new cabinet with cable organizer,
  • 8-way, 4-way dual, & 2-way universal splitting/combining modules,
  • TT-1x8CS – 8 ways splitter/combiner,
  • TT-1x4DCS – dual 4 ways splitter/combiner,
  • TT-1x2TCS - triple 2 ways splitter/combiner,
  • Two separate TP.


TT-RFM CHASSIS 1x2 TCS splitter (front) 1x4 DCS splitter (front) 1x8 CS splitter (front)
  1x2 TCS splitter (back) 1x4 DCS splitter (back) 1x8 CS splitter (back)
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