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WKS - "F" screened angle quick-connectors

WKS - "F" screened angle quick-connectors

WKS are  separable, reusable coaxial connectors between the high-frequency (RF) cable and electronic devices equipped with F-type sockets  such as satellite subscriber sockets, satellite receivers,  branch joints, etc. The connectors are used in terminations of measuring instruments where the advantage is quick connection without the need to screw the connector. 

The connectors are also used to connect the RadiusMax® system sockets.


Product features:

  • professional connector for cable TV networks and collective and individual antenna systems,
  • "F" standard, angle, screw-on connection,
  • operating band up to 2400 MHz!
  • cast body ensuring effective screening and high mechanical strength,
  • very high reliability and durability of connections,
  • automatic connection of the internal wire – no soldering.


 WKS datasheet [264.20 kB]
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