Integracja rozwiązań dla instalacji telekomunikacyjnych i operatorów kablowych

Multimedia outlets

GMDF-35x - double-insulated multimedia outlet

GMDF-35x - double-insulated multimedia outlet
  • full, double galvanic insulation between the input and outputs
  • input high-voltage insulation – 2,12 kV / DC
  • a circuit protecting against excess magnetization of the core in the case of high signal levels
  • cast, metal housing
  • possibility of installing the socket in a "mouse" type housing

GMF-35x - multimedia subscriber outlets

GMF-35x - multimedia subscriber outlets
  • full range of work frequencies: 5-862 MHz 
  • separation of signals to dedicated outputs: R/TV/DATA
  • same attenuation of signal loss in both transmission ways in DATA path – 10,5 dB
  • efficient blockade of interference  from output side in direction of the return path >30 dB
  • solid, die-cast housing
  • simple installation and sure connection of the outlet
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