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Antenna TT W19 Silver COMBO 5G Protected

TT W19 Silver

The W series are terrestrial antennas designed for receiving DVB-T2 from the UHF and VHF bands.

The TT W19 Silver model is a combo antenna offering reception in the UHF band (gain 13dBi) and in the VHF band (6dBi).Thanks to 5G Protected technology, the antennas receive signals only from the band intended for television broadcasting in DVB-T2 and DAB+ digital radio.Polarization adjustment for the VHF band allows the antenna to be used throughout the country. The antenna is equipped with a balun with a VHF/UHF crossover, thanks to which only one antenna cable can be introduced into the building. It is also possible to connect cabling dedicated to each band to appropriately gain or adjust the level in each band independently.Antenna assembly takes less than 5 minutes and requires no tools.


Products features:

  • combo antenna - VHF + UHF band,
  • high gain: 13dBi + 6dBi,
  • UHF frequency range: 470-694MHz,
  • VHF frequency range: 174-230MHz,
  • 5G Protected technology,
  • adjustable polarization of the VHF band,
  • quick assembly, without tools,
  • ready to receive DVB-T/T2 and DAB+ bands,
  • weather-resistant construction,
  • dipole with VHF/UHF crossover.
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