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asr IQ 5G Protected

asr IQ 5G Protected

Modern broadband antenna dedicated to receive the signals of the DVB-T2 digital television . The 5G PROTECTED version includes implemented, much expanded band-pass filtration which eliminates the interfering out-of-band signals (LTE 700, 800, CDMA 450, GSM 1800, 5G etc.). The above-mentioned out-of-band signals (particularly those coming from the local modems), may result in overdrive of the preliminary amplifiers and other active components.

By the use of ASR IQ 5G PROTECTED antenna we protect the DVB-T/T2 signal against influence of those signals. IQ technology intelligently optimizes the levels of received signals so that they are proper for TV and DVB-T/T2 receivers.
The antenna has a high energy gain and a built-in ultra-low noise preamplifier that can be powered with a wide voltage range of 5-24V. The low level of self-noise of the first amplification stage is very important for obtaining good signal quality (large signal-to-noise ratio).

The 5G Protected version also has a built-in bypass. If the supply voltage is not turned on in this antenna, it will work as a passive antenna.
The product is comprehensive. Preparing the antennas for installation requires slightly unscrewing the side knobs and, after opening the "wings" of the, tightening them.


Product features:

  • adapted to receive DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television signals,
  • IQ Technology,
  • built-in 470-694 MHz band-pass filter,
  • it can work as passive or active,
  • large power gain, and built-in ultra-low noise preamplifier,
  • aesthetic and robust design,
  • power supply of the preamplifier with DC voltage in the range of 5…24V (included with or without power supply).


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