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asr Classic - DVB-T/T2 VHF + UHF antenna

asr Classic

Modern broadband antenna dedicated to receive the signals of the DVB-T2 digital television.The antenna has a high energy gain and a built-in ultra-low noise preamplifier that can be powered with a wide voltage range of 5-24V. The low level of self-noise of the first amplification stage is very important for obtaining good signal quality (large signal-to-noise ratio).

The product is comprehensive. Preparing the antennas for installation requires slightly unscrewing the side knobs and, after opening the "wings" of the reflector, tightening them.

Product features:

  • adapted to receive DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television signal,
  • built-in powered preamplifier with a power of 20dB operating in the range of FM + VHF and UHF,
  • large power gain, and built-in ultra-low noise preamplifier,
  • aesthetic and robust design,
  • quick assembly (less than 10 sec),
  • power supply of the preamplifier with DC voltage in the range of 5…24V (power supply included in set),
  • designed and produced in Poland (EU).


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