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MTX neo optical transmitter 1.2GHz

MTX neo 1550

MTX neo is an optical transmitter with a optical output power of 0, 3 or 6 dBm. It enables input of an RF signal in the frequency range of 47-1218 MHz. The signal from the transmitter through the SC / APC connector is distributed over one optical fiber. The connected signal should be automatically adjusted thanks to AGC technology. The MTX neo optical transmitter allows you to send a signal at a distance of up to 20 km.

The MTX optical transmitter is available in versions with a laser with wavelengths: 1550 and 1310nm.

The device is characterized by a solid, metal housing, which effectively protects against mechanical damage and conditions inside the room. The optical transmitter is powered locally by power supply that comes with the device.

The device is controlled by local buttons and a built-in display. 

Adjustable functionality:

- Operating mode: AGC / MGC

- For MGC mode - manually set the damping value from 0 to 35dB.

- Check the optical output power of the laser


Main parameters:

  • RF band range - 47-1218MHz
  • AGC, MGC
  • Wide range of RF input power
  • 1-RF + TP input, 1-SC / APC optical output,
  • Output optical power 0, 3, 6 dBm,
  • Wavelength: 1550nm and 1310nm
  • New die-cast housing
  • Dedicated to cable operators and as a local TV distribution system DVB-T / C

MTX series includes:

MTX neo 1310 0dBm FP
MTX neo 1310 3dBm DFB
MTX neo 1310 6dBm DFB
MTX neo 1550 3dBm DFB
MTX neo 1550 6dBm DFB

Other wavelengths available on demand.

 MTX neo datasheet [161.99 kB]
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