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SMK-216A - active cascadable multiswitch T-urbo-T

SMK-216A - active cascadable multiswitch T-urbo-T
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Our innovative multiswitch: SMK-216A (T-urbo-T series) is designated for use in collective antenna systems. It distributes the signal from SWK-9216NGV (from QUATTRO and DVB-T LNB’s) but may also be aligned with the WWK-9NGV set.

It’s main advantage is the ability to switch between the active and passive DVB-T modes, which allows adding additional amplifiers and easy calibration of trunk line.

SMK-216A is equipped with new type of click – on sockets (see the video attached). It’s not only convenient for the installer but also ensures that all signalparameters are stable, even after multiple applications.

All the T-urbo-T multiswitches are dedicated for the indoor use. This is why the equipment is vertically mounted as it perfectly saves the space foreseen for such type of installations. It’s extremely useful if the whole equipment must fit a single telecom cabinet (see the picture on the right – AIZ-210) which is usually the case.


T-urbo-T multiswitches come together with the AMK-SZ Hanger. It’s the universal rack that accommodates up to 7 devices and may be mounted inside the telecom cabinet or asan integral part of RACK 19” with a height in RACK units of 5U. Step by step installation is explaned in this video.



  • receives the signal from 2 satellites and terrestrial TV,
  • serves up to 16 subscribers sockets,
  • very high (over 35 dB) isolation between paths,
  • built in cable precorrection function (5 dB for the whole band),
  • vertical application that saves space (applies to multiswitches as well as to amplifiers and splitters)
  • active satellite TV signal path.


 SMK-216A datasheet [239.14 kB]


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