Integracja rozwiązań dla instalacji telekomunikacyjnych i operatorów kablowych

5G / LTE Filters


FAR 60 band stop filter
  • band stop filter dedicated for cuting noise from frequency range: 790-862 MHz (LTE)
  • transmits signals 470-790 MHz (K21-60)
  • SAW technology is able to sharply cut LTE signals and transmits DVB-T signals
  • two versions: with DC pass and without DC PASS

LSF-603 LTE rejection filter

  • dedicated for eliminating LTE signals from any RF installation
  • frequency pass: 5…782MHz
  • steep attenuation characteristics between useful and blocked bandss
  • easy to install
  • DC power pass for preamplified antennas
  • compatible to EU RED regulations (In accordance with the requirements of the Radio Directive (2014/53 / EU, RED)
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