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TENAC-130 amplifiers

TENAC 130 - wzmacniacz dystrybucyjny

Series of "TENAC 130” amplifiers has been designed for professional multimedia cable TV networks which uses transmission in reverse path. Depending on output level there are two variants of amplifier. Usage of replaceable configuration modules allows wide choice of settings, according requirements.
Basic variant of amplifier is not equipped with any configuration modules – they have to be ordered separately.
Designed to work with DOCSIS 3.1 and 3.0 infrastructure.


  • Hybrid Power Doubler output stage
  • easy configuration - universal JXP plug-in modules with bypass for continuous transmission during config,
  • Input / Output double overvoltage protection
  • remote power supply transferable to any output,
  • robust, shock resistant metal housing,
  • 2 RF Outputs – divided by splitter/tap
  • Plugin diplex filter for easy network upgrade.


 TENAC-130 datasheet [757.28 kB]



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