TM-250 - Stand alone DVB-T modulator

TM-250 - Stand alone DVB-T modulator
  • Output frequency range: 47-862MHz
  • Adjustment of picture parameters: brightness, contrast and saturation
  • Working with AV signal source
  • Built-in output level adjustment
  • Programming modulator locally or via a PC
  • External power supply 



is a DVB-T modulator. It accepts a AV sources, encodes it in an MPEG-2 and modulates it in DVB-T format. Programming of the modulator is easy using 3-tact micro switches on the front of the modulator together with the LCD display. Another option is to program it by PC using a the interface TMIFACE (see below figure). - Instalacje antenowe, cyfrowa telewizja naziemna. Optyka, anteny telewizyjne i wzmacniacze DVBT